About Simply tera's Wholesale

What is tera’s?

tera’s is leading brand of clean, organic whey protein in natural food and grocery stores. tera’s specializes in organic, all-natural whey, and goat protein powders that are cold-pressed, clean label, contain less than 5 all-natural ingredients, and are packed with 20g – 22g of protein per serving. Every ingredient is selected to ensure optimal nutrition and taste.

What is simply tera’s wholesale?

tera’s is now allowing you to offer clients products that can truly help them reach their nutritional goals and support their active lives! This website is exclusively for people looking to make incremental income and offer your clients pure, clean labeled nutrition to support their active lifestyle by simply:  

  1. Creating your exclusive Wholesale Account
  2. Upon approval, purchasing at wholesale prices tera’s whey protein powder blends 
  3. Re-selling tera’s to your clients at our low everyday retail prices and making at least a 20% profit

Why should I order from this site vs. simplyteras.com?

Products are sold as cases of 6 at lower prices than simplyteras.com and without tax to ensure that wholesale buyers can resell the product at our everyday prices and the tax gets charged to the consumer. On simplyteras.com, products are sold individually at retail prices and they are not for resale.

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